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3 Moving Day Tips for Moving Out of College Dorm

3 Moving Day Tips for Moving Out of College Dorm

3 Moving Day Tips for Moving Out of College Dorm

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moving day tipsAccording to the Census Bureau, since 1980, about 43 million Americans (16.8%) end up having to relocate every year. Many of those Americans, however, are moving for the first time and are leaving their college dorms and going on to bigger, better, and (hopefully) much more responsible things.

If you are getting ready to make a big move out of your college dorm, or the apartment you spent your early 20s in with your college buddies, there are a few things that you should consider in order to ensure you have a successful first move.

Here are a few moving day tips for moving out of your college living area:

Take advantage of affordable moving services

The best way to get moving help, no matter where you plan on relocating to, is to work with a local moving company. You can find local movers who have years of experience moving people out of messy apartments or dorm rooms and you’ll be in great hands. Perhaps one of the best moving day tips you can implement is to actually get professional help so you don’t make things worse during the move.

Don’t have your buddies help

Tell them you appreciate their offer to help, but kindly let them know you and the professionals will take it from here. You don’t need any of your wacky friends goofing around while you’re trying to move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Get rid of all the junk you don’t need beforehand

If you’ve spent the last four years (or longer) in the same place you have probably accumulated a significant amount of… garbage. A lot of that stuff was probably funny or cool for a few months or during the first year or two of college, but now it’s time to live like an adult. Try to sell any items you don’t need online, give them to your roommates, or simply donate the items to charity. Make sure you do so well before the move, however, so you don’t cause problems during the moving day.

Hopefully these moving day tips will help you with your upcoming move but contact Movher today if you want professional assistance or want to learn more.

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