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4 Major Moving Mistakes to Avoid

4 Major Moving Mistakes to Avoid

4 Major Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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movers SpokaneIf you’re planning on moving this year, you likely have a lot to keep track of. You might be so busy focusing on getting everything ready once you arrive at your destination that you forget about some key points for the move itself. Of course, when you hire a professional moving company, that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about. But whether you’re going across the country or will be making a local move across town, there are certain mistakes you’ll want to avoid making. Moving day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you avoid these four big mistakes:

Mistake #1: Not Doing Your Research

You should always professional moving services, but you also need to do your due diligence. Conduct searches on Google, Yelp, and with the Better Business Bureau to make sure you’re getting the best movers Spokane has to offer. You should also check your moving company’s license and ask trusted friends and family members for recommendations. If you blindly put your trust in a dishonest company, you’ll likely pay a colossal price later on.

Mistake #2: Overpacking

One of our top tips for packing and moving is to go through your collections before you need to pack them all up. You may not even realize you’ve been hoarding and may have way more than you realistically need or can fit in your new home. Getting rid of the items you don’t use can actually save you money and time during a move and it’ll make your home feel way less cluttered once you arrive.

Mistake #3: Procrastination

One of the benefits of hiring the finest professional movers Spokane has to provide is that you can leave things up at your current home for a longer period and have them unpacked more quickly at your new location. However, that doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute to start packing. Most people drastically underestimate how long it will take them to pack up their belongings and get everything ready for a move. Realistically, it takes a long time to pack (especially when dealing with fragile possessions). Leave yourself with way more time than you think you need to pack. You should also make sure to book your move far in advance. During busy seasons, these slots fill up quickly; if you’re on a specific timeframe, you could be out of luck if you wait too long.

Mistake #4: Forgetting to Inventory and Label

Before you pack everything up, you should take a detailed inventory of what’s in each box and label each one. This will help you know exactly where each box should go and will instantly alert you if anything doesn’t turn up. If you have priceless antiques or heirlooms, you should take photographic evidence of their condition prior to the move. Keep your inventory with you (there are even phone apps to make this easy) and make sure everything has arrived before your movers take their leave.

If you need help with an upcoming move, Movher is here for you. You’ll soon see why we’re considered the best movers Spokane has to offer. For more information or to schedule your move, contact us today.

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