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Ask Moving Companies These 5 Questions About Free Quotes

Ask Moving Companies These 5 Questions About Free Quotes

Ask Moving Companies These 5 Questions About Free Quotes

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professional moving servicesAmericans, particularly young Americans, are on the move more than ever before. Historically, the Census Bureau reports that every year since 1980 about 16.8% of the population (that’s 43 million of us) move, and 40% of Americans say they are “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to move in the next five years. Yet, two out of three people between the ages of 18 and 29 have relocated in the last five years.

For many young people, as they move from the dorm room to their first apartment and into a home, they will eventually have to hire moving companies for the first time. Often, they have no idea what to ask or what to look for before hiring professional moving services, and end up paying too much as a result.

All professional moving services will offer to provide you with a free quote, but unless you know what you’re doing, that “free quote” can end up costing you. So before hiring professional moving services, always ask these five questions about that free quote.

Questions To Ask Moving Companies About Your Estimate

1. How Do You Bill? By Flat Rate, By Weight, or Something Else?
A moving company may charge differently depending on the length of the trip, the amount of freight, or their own business model. In any case, it’s important for you to know how they arrived at the quote. If you’re being charged by weight, then you can save money by moving some items yourself.

2. Can I Save Money By Moving Another Day?
The summer months — and the end of each month in general — are the most common times for people to move. Sometimes, it can be possible to negotiate a better rate by moving during off-peak hours.

3. Is There Any More Information You Need From Me?
The only way for to provide an accurate quote is to have as much information as possible. Will they need to pack or unpack? Do you need boxes? How many rooms do you have? The more information you provide, the more accurate that estimate will be when moving day arrives.

4. Do People Usually Tip?
It’s almost always standard to tip your movers, and for big jobs, many homeowners will buy local movers lunch as well. It never hurts to ask.

5. Is This Quote Binding?
The answer to this question is usually no, as unexpected things can always happen. It’s more important to set your own expectations, and avoid nasty shocks down the line. If you’re unsure about a particular moving company, check their reviews and testimonials online.

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