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movers in SpokaneNeed movers in Spokane, Washington? Then there are some facts you need to understand about local movers, and here they are.

We know that every year, one-third of renting Americans end up moving. We also know that 35.6% of Americans aged 20 to 24 move yearly, as do 30.7% of people aged 25 to 29. That squares with studies that show young people are overwhelmingly choosing to rent, and explains why Americans as a whole are so likely to relocate more often than their parents.

While college kids might rely on offers of free pizza and beer to move their second-hand furniture, at a certain point, you age out of asking friends to help you move. And if you need to find local movers for an upcoming apartment, house, or office relocation, then there’s one crucial tip you need to know. If you’re hiring local movers, hire a LOCAL company.

That might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong. The best movers in Spokane are based right here in Spokane. If you work in the moving industry, then you’ll find no shortage of horror stories about national moving companies that hold people’s possessions for ransom. In these situations, the police often decline to intervene, instead referring victims to civil courts. That’s because national moving companies rely on subcontractors to ship freight across the country, and those subcontractors are often sketchy operators with no qualms about ripping off hard working Americans. But when you hire movers in Spokane with a Spokane address, not an anonymous P.O. box located in whichever state has the best tax breaks, you’ll end up dealing with your neighbors, not some faceless corporation that treats your most prized possessions like numbers on a spreadsheet.

So if you’re planning a move within Spokane or within Washington state, you’ll want to take care to hire a local company. Local moving companies rely on word of mouth, local mover reviews, and their reputation within the community.

The best way to avoid hidden fees and overpriced “local” movers? Hire movers in Spokane that are from Spokane, with a history of operating in the city you love so much. Not only are you putting money back into your community’s economy, but you’re more likely to have a positive moving experience.

movers in spokaneUnfortunately for legitimate moving companies everywhere, a few bad actors have given the industry a bad name in some people’s eyes. That’s why it’s so satisfying to hear about the owner of a sketchy moving company facing the justice he deserves.

Louis Massaro ran moving companies in Arizona and Florida, and he was convicted of running every moving homeowner’s worst nightmare. Massaro lured in marks by offering cheap local movers with a fixed rate and a binding fee. He then hired a subcontractor to actually move the items without the customer’s knowledge. While en route, he would claim the items weighed more than listed in his “binding quote,” then add fee after fee onto the bill. When customers balked, he threatened to auction off the items, which were only returned after the money was paid.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General has terms for schemes like this — extortion, fraud, criminal — to name a few. The scam was exposed as part of the DOT’s Operation Boxed Up, which investigates bad local movers. Now, Massaro is facing a year in prison, $80,000 fines and three years of supervised release, which many people feel is a light sentence for holding someone’s entire life hostage.

Americans are more mobile than ever before, and while that’s good news for our local movers in Spokane, it means more homeowners and college grads are vulnerable to conmen offering cheap local movers. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, since 1980, an average of 16.8% of the population relocates every year (that’s roughly 43 million people). Today, many young people expect to move annually. An estimated 35.6% of people aged 20-24 relocate every year, and 30.7% of people aged 25-29 do so as well.

So how can you avoid shady moving companies when you hire movers in Spokane, Washington, or anywhere else? Police treat these crimes like civil matters and rarely intervene, which means prevention is the best defense.

It can be tough. After all, movers like Massaro offer everything many homeowners are looking for in cheap movers, a binding quote, low rates and fixed rates. At the minimum, make sure your movers are licensed and insured.

Whenever possible, look for moving companies with a good reputation, not just online but in your local community. Our local movers in Spokane have won awards from companies like Angie’s List and are active in the community. And remember: the lowest quote may not always be the best quote.

Finally, if you’ve hired a moving company that’s trying to hold your items for ransom, do not hesitate to contact the DOT Office of Inspector General or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s toll-free fraud hotline at: 1-888-368-7238. Finally, there is a national database for complaints against sketchy movers, which you can check here.

If you have 100 friends, it’s statistically probable that 16.8 of them will be relocating in the next 12 months. Unless youare one of the people who has a relocation on the horizon, in which only 15.8 of your 100 friends will be moving. In the grand scheme, 40 of your 100 friends are going to move in the next five years. Moving is just a part of life.

Packing up your entire world and relocating can make you feel like a crazy person. We understand this, and so we’ve put together a nice and tidy list of moving organization tips to help you keep your sanity while relocating.

Moving Organization Tips for Keeping Your Sanity Through a Relocation

  1. Purge it. Before you even start the moving process, be generous about getting rid of things. The less clutter you have, the clearer your mind is, and the fewer physical objects that you have to worry about. In the months before your move, have boxes labeled “Throw It Away” and “Donate It” handy at all times, so you can just put items you don’t need anymore in the proper box and erase them from your mind.
  2. Treat yourself to a good moving company. When researching local movers, don’t let price be the only determining factor. You will be putting all of your earthly possessions in the hands of these people, and what you get is what you pay for. Look for moving companies who have years of experience and an established reputation that you can trust.
    By all means, do not ever hire a moving company who is not registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT is here to protect you, but they can’t do much if you hire a company they’ve never heard of.

    Bonus tip: Get an estimate in writing with a signature, and make sure the moving company’s DOT number is on it; when the moving company shows up, verify that the DOT number on the truck matches the one on the estimate. This isn’t just one of our moving organization tips, this is for your safety.

  3. Accept volunteers. When your friends and family offer to help you pack and move, don’t be shy about putting them to work. The more hands you have, the faster the work will be done.
  4. Stock up on moving supplies. You’re going to go through a metric ton of moving boxes, packaging tape, and box filler. The more you have on hand, the easier it will be to get everything packed up.
    While you’re out getting supplies, pick up a notebook that can serve as your brain throughout your move, and a few good quality permanent markers for labeling boxes.
  5. Use a ranking system. In addition to labeling your boxes with the room they belong in and a reference number for your inventory spreadsheet, add an “A,” “B,” or “C” to the label. The items you need right away, label with an A, the items that are less important, label with a B, and the items you don’t need until next Christmas, label with a C. Unpacking in order of A, B, and C will help you get your home organized faster.
  6. Start with the kitchen. Your kitchen has the greatest quantity of small items that need to be packed away, and the most items that you won’t need before you unpack. Getting your kitchen packed will keep your mind clear and help you feel efficient in the process, making the rest of the job easier. This is one of the moving organization tips you’ll thank us for the most.
  7. Order labels with your new address. You’re going to have about 500 places that you need to update your address. Having your new address printed on labels gives you the chance to just slap the new address on all your forms and be on your way.
  8. Pack a suitcase with one-weeks worth of essentials. Pack clothing, essential toiletries, cosmetics, and medication that you’ll need for one week during your move, so that you have easy access while everything else is in limbo.

Are you in the process of moving? Please let us know if we can help in any way!

moving day tipsIf you’re one of the four in 10 Americans who say they’ll likely move in the next five years, then you probably know how stressful moving can be. There’s a seemingly overwhelming amount of things to do: pack all of your belongings, contact moving companies, hire movers to get your belongings to the new place faster — the list goes on and on.

If you’re feeling buried under a sea of boxes, have no fear! We’ve narrowed down our best moving day tips to a handy checklist.

Group 1: Basic Necessities
You’ll still have to live in your home up until the day of the move, so don’t pack away the basic necessities you’ll need on a day to day basis.

  • Toiletries (bath products, beauty products, etc.)
  • Prescription medications
  • Electronics (and their respective chargers)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • A change of clothes

Group 2: Standard Kitchen Items
Typically, people pack the kitchen first because it tends to be the room with the most things. However, remember that you still have to eat. Set aside some kitchen items to use on the day of the move and the first few days in your new place before you fully unpack all of your appliances.

  • Paper plates (no dishes to wash)
  • Plastic cups and utensils
  • At least one cooking pan
  • At least one cooking utensil (spatula, wooden spoon, etc.)
  • Paper products such as napkins and paper towels

Group 3: Bedding and Blankets
Although your bed and bedroom furniture may already be packed away with the moving company, you’ll want to leave out some bedding and blankets for your first night in the new home. The movers will swiftly set up your bed, but you don’t want to have to scour through boxes to find the bedding you need. Don’t forget to gather these items for each bed or person in your household.

  • One fitted sheet
  • One flat sheet
  • A blanket
  • A pillow and pillowcase
  • Any comfort items you may need at bed time

It might be helpful to print this list of moving day tips out and post it to your fridge as a reminder. With this checklist, you’ll be well-prepared as you transition to the next chapter of your life.


moving day tipsIf you’re a college senior, graduation is around the corner. After all of your hard work, you’re ready to handle the next chapter of your life — but first, you have to move there. Transitioning from college life into your first place can be nerve-wracking, yet exciting. Here are some moving day tips to make your transition into post-grad life as seamless and easy as possible!

  1. Downsize your closet.
    When moving from college life to adult life, you may need to make some much needed edits to your closet. One of the most important moving day tips is to downsize and condense your clothing down to the essentials. How many sports tee shirts do you really need? Will you ever wear that winter formal dress again? Donate your unused items or give them away to family and friends. Think about what clothing styles are simply taking up much needed space and can be left in the past.

    Will you be entering the workforce after graduation? Take a good look at your closet and decide what’s appropriate for a corporate office setting. Clear out the clutter and make way for new wardrobe additions. Not only will cleaning out your closet free up storage space, it will make moving much easier on you.

  2. Sell your old textbooks.
    If you’ve finally finished your education, it’s a good idea to sell your old books to make some extra cash and clear out some clutter. Textbooks are heavy, bulky, and difficult to move. You’re bound to relocate again next year, as a third of all renters do. Why hold on to items you’ll never use just to shuffle them around from house to house?

    This goes for all items you no longer have need for. Over 35% of adults between the ages of 20 and 24 will relocate yearly, so it’s important to only hang on to the things you absolutely need. Of all the moving day tips, remember this one: if you haven’t used it in the past year, get rid of it!

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    So you just graduated college and now you have all of this new-found independence. You may be feeling invincible and ready to take on the world, but remember: it’s okay to ask for help. Moving is a daunting task, and you may want to hire movers to make life a little easier.

    Once you’ve done all the de-cluttering, a moving company and their trained staff of movers will safely and efficiently move your belongings to your new place. They’ll move everything from the most delicate trinkets to heavy furniture with care and ease. You’ll save headaches and hassle by getting everything unpacked at your new house much faster.

So what are you waiting for? You’ll be walking the stage and tossing your cap in the air before you know it. Contact local moving companies for all of your post-grad relocation needs today!

movers in spokaneMoving is an incredibly stressful time, and you don’t want to make it more stressful by choosing to hire movers in Spokane that won’t do a great job. Choosing the right movers can have a huge impact on the quality of your move. The Census Bureau reports that 16.8% of Americans have needed to relocate since 1980. In addition, about 63% of adults have moved somewhere new at some point in their lifetime, while only 37% have never left their hometowns. Renters are especially prone to relocation, with one-third moving each year. Check out our tips on finding the best possible company to handle your move!

Thorough Initial Check
When you have a local mover come in to see what you have that needs to be moved, check on how thorough they are. If they don’t spare much more than a glance around each room before throwing an estimate out there, it’s almost certain that the estimate will be very off. The key is to sit down with the movers beforehand and figure out what you’ll be moving from your old home to your new one, as well as how much those things will weigh. Much of what a moving company charges is based on weight and space taken up in the truck, so take this into account.

Pay Attention to References
This is incredibly important. If you have any friends who have recently moved, ask them what company they used and what the experience was like. You likely have a short list of what you’re looking for in a company, so asking around will allow you to see which ones match up.

Get Everything in Writing
This goes for any business transaction really, but don’t forget that anything you or the movers do should be in writing. This protects both you and the company should anything go wrong. The only things that will hold up in a court of law will be those in writing. In addition, it just gives you peace of mind — you’ll know where your things are and when they’ll get to the new home.

Will you be using these tips to assess potential movers in Spokane? What is the most important thing to you in a moving company?

local moverWhile the thought of moving might seem too stressful to bother considering it, there are many situations where a new living space might be just the thing you need. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, every year about 43 million Americans (16.8% of the population) end up having to relocate. Moving offers you a change of surroundings and new possibilities for everyday life. Here are three situations that may warrant some new home searching.

Growing Family
As time goes on, families grow. Be it new additions, or new possessions, it doesn’t take much for a family to outgrow a small house. As children grow older, they will likely desire to have their own space. If you have more than one child and only one bedroom to share between them, things may start to get a little tense. Moving to a larger house will relieve that stress, and may help a bickering family get a little change of scenery.

Shorter Commute
Love your job, but don’t love the long commute that comes with it? Consider moving closer! Long morning commutes are stressful, and usually leave you feeling stressed and frustrated before the work day even begins. Instead of waking up hours early to make sure you get to work on time, why not look for a place that’s a little closer to work? That way you’ll get more sleep, and be able to start the day without having to sit through mindless traffic. In fact, the most frequently cited major reason that movers give for choosing their current community is job or business opportunities!

Wrong Neighborhood
When you first moved in, the neighbors were friendly and everything seemed quiet or peaceful. But as the years went on, your good neighbor luck ran out. Now you’re kept up by barking dogs, loud cars, or rambunctious pedestrians. If you feel uncomfortable in your own neighborhood, it’s likely a sign that you’re not in the right place. Find a neighborhood you feel best suits your lifestyle, and look for new places around that area. Chances are you will find a place you fall in love with.

Moving out? Hire local movers! No matter why your reason, a moving company will help the move-out process run smoothly. Hiring local movers means that you can leave everything set up at your old house longer, and have it unpacked at your new house faster. Moving companies can also assist with home packing, and local movers provide clients with moving day tips to make sure they can get into their new home as quickly and pain-free as possible.

moversEvery year, hundreds of young adults leave their parents’ house for the first time to get a living space of their own. A recent study shows that two-thirds of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have relocated within the past five years. But how do you know when it’s time to move out of your childhood home? Here are a few signs that you should look into getting a place of your own:

Long Morning Commute
While living with your parents might seem like a cheaper option, it can cost you in gas. If your morning commute is too long, it may be a sign that you should look for a place closer to your place of employment. You’ll save money on gas, and have more time to sleep in the mornings.

You Love The Night Life
For many young adults, the 20s are all about partying. However, it can be difficult to come home at late hours of the night when your parents are sleeping one room over. If you have to sneak out at night, or feel uncomfortable inviting people over to stay the night, it might be a good time to move out.

You’ve Never Left Home
If you’ve been in living in the same neighborhood for your entire life, it’s likely a sign that you should look for your own place. While 63% of adults have moved to a new community at least once in their lives, 37% of adults have never left their hometowns. A change of environment is a great way to add new purpose in your life.

You’re Running Out of Space
As we grow older, we acquire more and more possessions, all of which need a place to be stored. But your parents need to store their things too, and clutter can easily pile up when storage space runs out. With your own living space, you don’t have to keep all your possessions packed away, and you don’t have to share the space.

If you think it’s time to move out, find local movers to make the process as quick and painless for you and your parents. Hiring a moving company means that you can leave everything set up at your parents’ house longer, and movers will have all your things unpacked at your new house or apartment faster.

Moving is something most Americans have to do at least once — and probably several times — in their lives. Census Bureau data shows that, since 1980, about 43 million Americans have moved every year. That’s about 16.8% of the population. The figure is even higher for renters, about a third of whom move each year. And if you’ve found yourself among the ranks of movers before, you know that moving can be a real pain.

Of course, the biggest decision you can make in order to lessen the burden of moving is to hire a professional moving company. Hiring movers will allow you to leave everything set up at your old house for longer and get your new house set up faster, minimizing the amount of time you’re living in chaos. Full-service moving companies will even help with the packing process. Still, there are plenty of smaller things you can do to make the moving process go as smoothly as possible, both for you and your moving company. Here are seven easy moving tips that can make a huge difference:

  1. Embrace the Spreadsheet
    When it comes to keeping organized over the course of packing, moving and unpacking, spreadsheets are the best weapon in your arsenal. Keep inventories that can be sorted by category, room and box number so that you know precisely where everything is at all times. As long as you enter the information bit by bit, it won’t seem like a huge task.
  2. Keep Track of Little Items
    As you’re packing, make sure you keep track of all the little items that go with bigger ones — picture hanging brackets, screws, remotes, cords, etc. Put these small items in plastic baggies and tape them to the back of their corresponding appliances or furniture pieces so that they’ll be handy as you start putting everything back together in your new home.
  3. Buy Some Colored Packing Tape
    Numbering boxes is still important, but you can also visually distinguish boxes for various rooms by using colored packing tape. When you’re staring at a sea of cardboard boxes, being able to sort them into rooms based on tape color alone will be a huge help.
  4. Scope Out Your New Space
    Be sure to know any limitations with your new space. That includes taking measurements of doorways, hallways, stairwells and elevators. You don’t want to find out on moving day that your king-sized bed won’t fit through the door of your master bedroom.
  5. Keep Communicating With the Movers
    Keep your moving company in the loop regarding any plans or restrictions. Especially if you’re moving someplace with strict move-in rules (like many condos), they’ll need to know whatever you do to keep things on track.
  6. Pack Some Overnight Bags
    Have each family member pack a suitcase that could get them through a night or two without opening any of the packed boxes. The less tired you are when unpacking everything, the less likely things are to get chaotic.
  7. Delay Big Deliveries
    If you’re scheduling some big deliveries (such as a new couch or appliances), aim for a few days to a week after you first move. It’s better to sit on the floor for a while than be stacking up boxes trying to make space for more stuff.

Got any other great little tips for packing and moving? Share them in the comments.

moversIf you’re one of the four-in-ten Americans who say they are likely to move within the next five years, your head is probably spinning from all the things that moving entails. Moving can be a difficult process, especially if you are moving out for the first time, or buying your new house. If you’re looking to relocate soon, here are some easy moving tips and advice that may help you get into your new home faster.

Before you start the packing process, make sure you have plenty of supplies. You will need a lot of boxes, and heavy-duty tape to make sure they can be securely closed. Label each box with the room it’s meant to be in to make unpacking easier. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box, as it can complicate the process, or cause misplaced items. When moving, it’s recommended to start with the kitchen, as it tends to be the room with the most items.

It may also be a good idea to bundle breakable items, wrapping each with packing or newspaper to ensure their safe travel. Be sure to put heavier items on the bottom, and lighter items on the top. This will make it easier to carry, and will ensure that the more delicate items won’t get crushed. Other items, such as your television or furniture, should be wrapped in quilted furniture pads or special, padded crates.

If the thought of having to pack up your entire house makes you cringe, you should consider hiring a moving company. Moving companies will send professional movers to pack up your own home, move all your belongings, and finally unpack everything in your new home. Hiring movers can be a great way to ease the stress of moving, and make the transition to your new home that much easier.

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