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Moving is something most Americans have to do at least once — and probably several times — in their lives. Census Bureau data shows that, since 1980, about 43 million Americans have moved every year. That’s about 16.8% of the population. The figure is even higher for renters, about a third of whom move each year. And if you’ve found yourself among the ranks of movers before, you know that moving can be a real pain.

Of course, the biggest decision you can make in order to lessen the burden of moving is to hire a professional moving company. Hiring movers will allow you to leave everything set up at your old house for longer and get your new house set up faster, minimizing the amount of time you’re living in chaos. Full-service moving companies will even help with the packing process. Still, there are plenty of smaller things you can do to make the moving process go as smoothly as possible, both for you and your moving company. Here are seven easy moving tips that can make a huge difference:

  1. Embrace the Spreadsheet
    When it comes to keeping organized over the course of packing, moving and unpacking, spreadsheets are the best weapon in your arsenal. Keep inventories that can be sorted by category, room and box number so that you know precisely where everything is at all times. As long as you enter the information bit by bit, it won’t seem like a huge task.
  2. Keep Track of Little Items
    As you’re packing, make sure you keep track of all the little items that go with bigger ones — picture hanging brackets, screws, remotes, cords, etc. Put these small items in plastic baggies and tape them to the back of their corresponding appliances or furniture pieces so that they’ll be handy as you start putting everything back together in your new home.
  3. Buy Some Colored Packing Tape
    Numbering boxes is still important, but you can also visually distinguish boxes for various rooms by using colored packing tape. When you’re staring at a sea of cardboard boxes, being able to sort them into rooms based on tape color alone will be a huge help.
  4. Scope Out Your New Space
    Be sure to know any limitations with your new space. That includes taking measurements of doorways, hallways, stairwells and elevators. You don’t want to find out on moving day that your king-sized bed won’t fit through the door of your master bedroom.
  5. Keep Communicating With the Movers
    Keep your moving company in the loop regarding any plans or restrictions. Especially if you’re moving someplace with strict move-in rules (like many condos), they’ll need to know whatever you do to keep things on track.
  6. Pack Some Overnight Bags
    Have each family member pack a suitcase that could get them through a night or two without opening any of the packed boxes. The less tired you are when unpacking everything, the less likely things are to get chaotic.
  7. Delay Big Deliveries
    If you’re scheduling some big deliveries (such as a new couch or appliances), aim for a few days to a week after you first move. It’s better to sit on the floor for a while than be stacking up boxes trying to make space for more stuff.

Got any other great little tips for packing and moving? Share them in the comments.

moversIf you’re one of the four-in-ten Americans who say they are likely to move within the next five years, your head is probably spinning from all the things that moving entails. Moving can be a difficult process, especially if you are moving out for the first time, or buying your new house. If you’re looking to relocate soon, here are some easy moving tips and advice that may help you get into your new home faster.

Before you start the packing process, make sure you have plenty of supplies. You will need a lot of boxes, and heavy-duty tape to make sure they can be securely closed. Label each box with the room it’s meant to be in to make unpacking easier. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box, as it can complicate the process, or cause misplaced items. When moving, it’s recommended to start with the kitchen, as it tends to be the room with the most items.

It may also be a good idea to bundle breakable items, wrapping each with packing or newspaper to ensure their safe travel. Be sure to put heavier items on the bottom, and lighter items on the top. This will make it easier to carry, and will ensure that the more delicate items won’t get crushed. Other items, such as your television or furniture, should be wrapped in quilted furniture pads or special, padded crates.

If the thought of having to pack up your entire house makes you cringe, you should consider hiring a moving company. Moving companies will send professional movers to pack up your own home, move all your belongings, and finally unpack everything in your new home. Hiring movers can be a great way to ease the stress of moving, and make the transition to your new home that much easier.

moving company spokaneThere’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it: moving is stressful.

You’d think getting your belongings — including yourself — from point A to point B is fairly simple. However, even small moves across town can easily go awry. Unfortunately — or fortunately depending on how you look at it — moving is simply a fact of life and something that you’ll likely have to do quite a few times.

According to a recent research study, four out of 10 Americans say they are very likely or somewhat likely to move within five years. In addition, two thirds of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 say they relocated within the past five years. Furthermore, every year in the United States a third of all renters will move. It seems that just about everyone is on the move these days!

There’s no better way to move than with the help of professional moving companies or professional movers. Sure, your buddies may have strong backs, but the expertise and service professional local movers provide is unmatched and will make your move a whole lot easier.

Finding the right moving company — especially during peak season — can be tricky. After all, running an internet search for “moving company Spokane” is likely to yield a number of different results that can be overwhelming. When running an internet search such as “moving company Spokane” for example, you may find it helpful to carefully read client reviews and testimonials. In addition, you can find further information about the movers or moving company by reaching out to your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) branch.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possible movers or mover companies, it’s recommended to get an estimate or a quote. Keep in mind that the lowest cost or estimate isn’t always the best buy, especially if it is significantly lower than the others. Therefore, it’s important to ask questions and take your time making a final decision.


Mike in Costa Rica

Mike in Costa Rica

For this Movher Muscle spotlight I would like to share with you one of Movher’s more recent, but none the less a rising star within the company, Michael Robinson. Mike joined the Movher team back in August of 2014 as an addition to our drivers, where he quickly asserted himself as one of the company’s most reliable employees, accepting any and all jobs that have been offered to him as well as becoming one of our best drivers.

            Michael is familiar to the 509 area, as he grew up in Cheney, Washington, where he attended high school and graduated in 2010. Being from a small town, Mike’s ambition was quenched by his insatiable need to travel and discover the world outside his front door. This free spirited young man (no he’s not a hipster), has seen much in his travels, completing a solo trip through Costa Rica last year as well as enjoying the outdoors in a variety of forms, from camping to hiking, to mountain biking and shooting. But his true love, dare I say addiction, is the time he gets to spend on his motorcycle. Enjoying a cross-country trip from Pittsburgh to Spokane, Mike has burnt rubber all over this great nation on his steeled stallion and intends to do more when the time is right, possibly somewhere Down Under, vagabond style.

            Having worked with Michael more times than not since his employment began, I can personally vouch for his dependability, character, and slightly dry sense of humor. He is also one of my favorite employees to antagonize when it comes to manly challenges, (he’ll laugh at that, trust me). But the Movher crew is happy to have him on our side, even if it is only for a little while, before the road takes him elsewhere.


Jacob Moffett

Jacob Moffett

easy moving tipsIt’s that time of year again, and it’s time to get moving. Sure, the warm weather that the spring and summer months bring are perfect for getting outdoors and stay active, however, the spring and summer months are also prime time for moving.

Whether you’re moving into a college dorm room for the first time or are downsizing for retirement, moving is simply a part of life. According to the Census Bureau, since 1980, every year nearly 43 million Americans — roughly 16.8% of the population — end up having to relocate. The most commonly cited reason movers give for relocating is pursuing a job opportunity.

Regardless of why you’re moving, it’s important to carefully plan out exactly how you’re going to get your belongings from point A to point B. Here are just a few of common mistakes people make while moving, as well as simple and easy moving tips to make the process easier.

Trying to do it all yourself
DIY is good for a lot of things and can save you a lot of money, however, in regards to moving, it’s a big no-no. Why not pay someone else to do the heavy lifting — pun intended — for you? Hiring a moving company or local movers allows you to leave everything set up at your old house longer and have it unpacked at your new house faster, which means you’ll be calling your new house a home that much sooner.

Forgetting about peak season
While hiring a moving company is always advisable, it’s important to plan in advance. With well over 40 million Americans moving each year, the spring and summer are the busiest times of year for moving companies. As such, it’s important to get moving estimates or quote and book your dates as far in advance as possible. If anything changes in regards to dates, location, etc., notify them immediately.

You forgot about Fido
This is perhaps one of the most important easy moving tips to remember. In the chaos of moving, it can be easy to forget that your pet has to move as well. Schedule an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian shortly before moving day in order to make sure they’re healthy and current on all their shots, medications, certifications, and ID tags. Ask for travel recommendations in order to minimize the stress of moving for your pet.

Cameron Bowers

Cameron Bowers

For this Movher Muscle profile I would like to introduce one of my most trusted friends, a man I have sweat and bled with on the rugby pitch, Cameron Bowers. I have known Cam for a long time now, first meeting him at a rugby game and later at assorted socials, of which I have a great many stories, (but he’d kill me if I put them up on the blog). He is a passionate man who will give his all to accomplish whatever task is laid out before him and he has no problems letting someone know when they’ve messed up. He’s a sort of “voice of reason” at job sites, and the only person I’ve seen play two years of rugby with a broken shoulder.

            Cameron grew up in Kennewick, Washington, where he would eventually graduate from Kennewick High School. As a student there he played multiple sports including football and baseball, acquiring skills and coordination that would better suit him for a job at Movher. Upon graduating from high school, Cam quickly began his college education the following fall quarter at Eastern Washington University. As a newly appointed alumni of the Eastern Eagles, (graduated winter of 2015) Cameron’s undergraduate years were filled with lots of adventures, many of which I was there for and many of which I can’t explain in great detail but trust me, they were fun. As a member of Eastern’s rugby team he experienced triumphs and defeats as well as gained recognition, making an all-conference selection team made up from the very best players in our league. But it wasn’t all fun and games while attending college. As a recent graduate, he earned his degree in Community Health with a minor in Business Administration with hopes to one-day work in disease prevention.

            Cameron’s introduction to Movher was quite unique as he is the only person I’ve ever known to get hired and then forgotten for the first six months of his employment. But once he did start working, it didn’t take long for him to rise through the ranks, and in two years become one of the company’s top drivers. He is well suited for the work here at Movher, not just physically, but being a kind individual, the customers are always impressed with his work ethic and politeness. These traits have just as much influenced Sabrina and Jerry, relaying the trust he has earned within Movher. Cameron will always be the guy you can count on to get the job done efficiently and with a smile on his face.


Justyn & Torri Cozza

Justyn & Torri Cozza


For the first Movher Muscle entry I had to do it on the man who has been this company’s anchor almost since its start date. That mover is Justyn Cozza, our fearless, and heavily tatted leader. When I first met Justyn I was intimidated. Here was this hulking man, covered in tattoos, who looked liked he’d seen his fair share of back ally bar brawls, but after a flawed driving maneuver and his ample descriptions of being a self-proclaimed sissy, I knew I was going to like working with this guy.

Justyn’s background is as diverse and intriguing as the artwork that has taken up residency on his skin. Born in Scotland (yes, that Scotland) Justyn moved to Anchorage, Alaska at a young age where he spent his childhood years. It wasn’t until later in his life that he moved to Spokane, Washington, graduating from Mead High School in 2007. Justyn wasted no time entering higher education, beginning his college career the summer after he finished high school at a little college called Gonzaga University. Maybe you’ve heard of it? While attending Gonzaga he dabbled in many different disciplines, focusing mainly on health and fitness, but ultimately obtaining a bachelor of education in physical education.

It was also during his tenure as a Zag that he was introduced to Jerry Almanza, the operations supervisor of Movher. Almost five years ago Justyn was offered a job at Movher, and after a couple months and a bartending job, he would accept a position with the company that would come to rely on him for so much. He is a jack-of-all-trades within Movher, starting out as a basic mover, working his way up to driver, then to where he is now as the crew supervisor and fellow estimator along side company owner, Sabrina Jones.

Justyn plans on remaining with Movher to see the company through to its full potential, as well as his own. It’s not an easy gig, but honestly, I can think of no one better suited for the job than him. He is the man, the myth, the legend; with no regrets or apologies, only a staggering fear of spiders. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Justyn Cozza.


Jacob Moffett

Jacob Moffett

tips for packing and movingWhile moving can be an exciting time, the process of getting from point A to point B can be stressful to say the least. However, moving has become more and more common in today’s modern society, especially among millennials who are eagerly pursuing career prospects.

Two-thirds of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 say they have relocated within the past five years, with another 35.6% of those ages 20 to 24 relocating each year. In addition, 30.7% of millennials between 25 and 29 also relocate every year. However, millennials aren’t the only ones who relocate frequently. Every year in the United States, one third of all renters relocate. Now that’s a lot of moving.

As such, winter is a great time to flesh out your next move. Here are some helpful tips for packing and moving.

Take inventory
One of the best tips for moving out of your apartment, home, or even office space is to take stock of exactly how much stuff you have. Taking advantage of moving organization tips can greatly expedite the moving process. Ask yourself questions such as, what am I selling, donating, or keeping? How many fragile items do I have? Should I hire movers? Moving companies can make the entire process of relocating a lot less stressful.

Get organized
Getting and staying organized is perhaps one of the most important tips for packing and moving out of your space. It’s never too early to start the process by packing and labeling items you currently don’t use but plan on taking with you or putting in storage. A sharpie and post it notes will become your best friend!

Find movers
Last but not least in tips for packing and moving is finding local movers to get your stuff from here to there. While recruiting family members and friends can be helpful — and economical — if you only have a few items, large scale moves such as an entire apartment or home require heavy lifting (pun intended). As such, professional movers can help move and set up your space so it can begin feeling like home in no time.

moving organization tipsMoving can be a really exciting time. After all, it feels like a great adventure or the opportunity to start fresh. However, if you’re not probably prepared, then moving can be a frustrating if not stressful experience. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re like many other Americans, you may have moved within the past few years and are perhaps preparing to move again this spring or summer. In fact, more people are moving more often. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, since 1980, an estimated 43 million Americans — 16.8% of the population — ended up relocating for a variety of reasons, whether it be to pursue a new job opportunity or moving to a more affordable location.

Regardless of the reason you’re moving, it’s important to stick to moving organization tips in order to ensure a smooth, affordable move. Here are a few easy moving tips to help get you from here to there.

Sketch a floor plan

Organization is key in terms of moving, and one of the best tips for moving out is to draw up a basic floor plan for your new space. Then, lay out exactly where you’d like your large furniture items and boxes to be placed in your residence office. This will allow the local movers or your friends to work faster and more efficiently, which in turn saves them time and you money.

Be There or Be Square

Let’s face it, moving can be pretty chaotic at times, which is why it is so important to be there when your items are being packed and moved. Whether you are using friends or a professional moving company, it’s important to be present in order to act as a guide and properly coordinate the move. This also minimizes the chance of any damage done to your items.

Go Easy on Them

One of the most important moving organization tips you should be sure to stick to is to label absolutely everything. This makes it much easier for your moving company or friends to get your items from point A to point B in one piece. Boxes should not be over packed, and every box should be clearly labeled with its contents and room it’s going to.

25 Feb 2015

Movher Introductions

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A few years back two people got the idea of starting a moving company that was based out of the Spokane, Washington area. Little did they know this small company would one day become the premiere moving company within the area, beating out local competitors and leaving your husband’s friends in the dust when it came to the handling of your precious items and the efficiency in which they were moved. This company, with the big pink dots on the sides of their trucks, would come to be known as Movher.

When Sabrina Jones and her partner, Jerry Almanza, first started out in this business, they were little more than your average movers. They had little experience, they were ill equipped, and comically under staffed, but like any sturdy and dependable Oak tree, they had to start from a seed. What they did have though was an idea; a dream of what Movher could become, and it was this idea that acted as the company’s ray of sunlight and helped it grow into what it is today.

When I first met Sabrina and Jerry I was nothing more than a young college student looking for a part time job that fit well with my class and rugby schedules, but eventually Movher would become a fulltime job for me. As a Creative Writing student out of Eastern Washington University, I have to admit I was a little disgruntled at entering a hard labor job after college, but with my background playing rugby and other physical sports I was more than up to the task. It has been almost three years now since I began at Movher, some experiences good, others bad, but all of which I am very satisfied with. And like all growing companies, it’s time for Movher to expand its avenues of interests and availability with the introduction of our blog.

I was thrilled when Sabrina and Jerry offered me the chance to be a writer for the Movher blog. It’s an opportunity for me to use what I studied in college as well as gain valuable experience related to my field of interests. As this is new territory for both Movher and myself the first moments of this new enterprise will be learning experiences on which we’ll find our footing and the voice of the Movher blog. A lot of the substance that will be discussed and written about within the blog will be on the Movher employees, as they are the lifeblood of this company. Other topics will be centered on the act of moving, the do’s and do not’s, tips for successful moves, and other related topics. Another focal point the blog will contain, and my favorite by far, will be the introduction of fictional short stories involving or centered upon Movher. This is a way for me to do what I’m passionate about as well as add uniqueness to Movher that sets us apart from other moving companies, and hopefully this will also give customers a chance to have some fun.

This will be an exciting expedition for Movher as well as for myself. I’m looking forward to all the new opportunities this will open for both the company and for the customers. Hopefully this will help add a voice and a face to Movher, which those who have moving needs will be more comfortable calling upon. So if you see one of our buzzing pink dots around town, say “hello.”


Jacob Moffett


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