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Don’t Plan a Local Move Without These 7 Steps

Don't Plan a Local Move Without These 7 Steps

Don’t Plan a Local Move Without These 7 Steps

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When it comes to moving, nothing is more important than preparation. Without the proper planning, even local moves in and around Spokane can be more stressful than they have to be. Follow this guide for home moving tips that will make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.movers in spokane

  1. Work with local movers in Spokane
    It’s important to hire a moving company that’s familiar with the area to make sure that you’re getting the best quality service you can find. Ask friends or neighbors for recommendations of movers in Spokane to help you with packing, cleaning, and moving itself.
  2. Handle the important or fragile items yourself
    Essentials like passports, family heirlooms, jewelry, and other small, high-value items are best kept directly in your possession at all times, rather than scattering them through several boxes where they’ll be hard to find later.
  3. Have an overnight bag packed and ready for you and the kids
    It’s unlikely that you’ll have time or energy to unpack everything after moving day, so be sure to have a bag ready with whatever you need to get a good night’s rest.
  4. Label boxes by contents and room
    A different color-coded label for bedroom, kitchen, or living room items will help make sorting and unpacking much easier. Many professionals recommend starting the moving process in the kitchen, since it tends to contain the most items.
  5. Have the new house cleaned and ready for use the moment you walk in
    This is especially important in areas like the master bedroom and bathroom, where you’ll want to be able to start unpacking right away.
  6. Clear out items you want to donate before you move
    A thorough purge two weeks before moving day is a great way to minimize the amount of stuff you’ll need to pack and will help you feel good about giving back to the local community.
  7. Have a plan to meet your new neighbors!
    Whether you’re the cookie-baking type or not, a brief and friendly introduction to your neighbors will do wonders for helping you feel settled in your new neighborhood and making sure that the lines of communication are open for your future home.

Whether you’re moving across town or down the street, give yourself a break by hiring movers in Spokane to help you with your relocation. That way, you’ll have more time and energy to dedicate to making your new place feel more like home.

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