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Maids of Movher provides house cleaning services and maid services to customers throughout the Spokane area! Our services are available for one-time (think Spring Cleaning, Move-in/Move-out, Special Events), weekly, biweekly and monthly cleanings.

At Maids of Movher, we offer two main types of cleaning:Initial Clean (aka, Top-to-Bottom Judy Clean) and our Recurring/Maintenance Cleans. For new clients, we strongly recommend that you start with our Top-to-Bottom Judy Clean for the most thorough cleaning experience possible.

We want to ensure that you choose the right level of service for what you need – choosing the right type of service is critical to a successful cleaning experience. If you choose the wrong type of service, you won’t be happy, regardless of who you hire. Contact us today to help you make the best choice for your cleaning needs.

Initial Clean: Top-to-Bottom Judy Clean

An Initial Clean is our first visit to your home. An Initial Clean can even be called a One-Time Clean, depending on your needs. You might be interested in establishing regular cleaning service with us and need an Initial Clean to get a solid base established. Maybe you need a One-Time Clean because you’re moving. Or perhaps you have a special event coming up and need us to prepare your home specifically for that. All of these are forms of an Initial Clean.

Our most thorough Initial Clean is our Top-to-Bottom Judy Clean, and is always recommended for Move-in/Move-out cleans or if you haven’t had regular cleaning services by a professional cleaning service for more than four weeks.

What’s a Top-to-Bottom Judy Clean? And what’s up with Judy?

Our Top-to-Bottom Judy Cleans are the most thorough cleans we offer. It’s when we vacuum all the crevices along your walls…when we wash

all of your baseboards, picture frames, doors and door frames, window sills, light switches…when we vacuum your blinds and the tops of your curtains…when we spend extra time on build-up in your bathrooms, kitchen and other areas.

The “Judy” in the name refers to our owner’s mom, who passed away from breast cancer at the age of 56 in 1997. According to Sabrina, her mom was one of the hardest working people she ever knew, raising four daughters on a wheat farm, serving up home-cooked meals day in and day out, and keeping a pristine house the entire time as if it was “no big deal.” Sitting down and relaxing was simply not in her vocabulary. If anyone deserves her name in a title related to cleaning, it is hands-down, Judy. xoxo

Our Top-to-Bottom Judy Clean includes everything in our Recurring/Maintenance Clean (see below) cleaned by hand, plus the following:

  • Ceiling fan blades within a 2-step ladder reach (hand washed or wiped)
  • Light fixtures within a 2-step ladder reach (hand washed in place, not removed)
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Furniture (polished, fronts, sides, legs)
  • Blinds and shutters (vacuumed, not washed)
  • Lamps and lampshades (hand wiped and vacuumed)
  • Uncluttered shelves (hand wiped)
  • Curtain tops (vacuumed)
  • Pictures and knick knacks (hand wiped)
  • Cabinet fronts (hand washed or wiped; if home is vacant, inside cabinets and drawers will also be hand washed or wiped)
  • Doors and door frames (hand washed or wiped)
  • Light switch plates (hand washed)
  • Lower air return vents (vacuumed)
  • Moldings and woodwork, window sills and lock ledges (hand washed or wiped)
  • Baseboards (hand washed or wiped, reachable without moving furniture)
  • Carpet edges (vacuum crevices)
  • Top of refrigerator (hand washed or wiped)
  • Outside of appliances cleaned / inside microwave
  • Stovetop, grates/drip pans (scrubbed)
  • Countertops and backsplashes (hand washed)
  • Sinks (scrubbed and disinfected)
  • Mirrors (cleaned)
  • Tub/shower and tiles (scrubbed)
  • Bathroom and kitchen counters and fixtures (scrubbed and sanitized)
  • Wastebaskets (emptied and relined)
  • Beds made, 1 set of sheets changed
  • Stairs, vacuumed)
  • Floors (vacuumed and/or mopped)
  • Special attention to heavy dust build-up
  • Special attention to build-up in kitchen
  • Special attention to build-up in bathrooms

Special notes/exclusions: Please know that for the safety of our employees and your home, we do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder and can dust higher items only with our extension duster. We also do not move furniture but will do our best to reach places by hand or again, with our extension duster. Items in vaulted ceilings are examples of items we typically cannot reach by hand. We cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning, which may require further treatment in the form of ultra-sonic mini-blind cleaning (please discuss this with your estimator if you are interested). Finally, please allow for some normal dust settlement after our cleaning technician leaves your home…we do our best to prevent this, but it cannot be avoided entirely.


Recurring / Maintenance Cleans

Recurring/Maintenance Cleans can be set up after an Initial Clean. They are for your ongoing weekly, biweekly or monthly services and include the following:

  • Ceiling fans & light fixtures (dusted)
  • Cobwebs (removed)
  • Blinds, window sills & lock-ledges (dusted)
  • Moldings & woodwork (dusted)
  • Baseboards (dusted)
  • Lamps & lampshades (dusted)
  • Pictures & knick-knacks (dusted)
  • Furniture (dusted and polished)
  • Top of refrigerator (dusted)
  • Outside of appliances cleaned
  • Stovetop and drip pans scrubbed
  • Counter tops and backsplashes (washed)
  • All sinks (scrubbed/disinfected)
  • Mirrors (cleaned)
  • Tub/shower and tiles (scrubbed)
  • All bathroom counters and fixtures (sanitized)
  • Wastebaskets (emptied/washed/relined)
  • Beds made, 1 set of sheets changed
  • Stairs (vacuumed, wood dusted)
  • Floors (vacuumed and/or mopped)

It is presumed that you will have items throughout your home picked up/put away to facilitate cleaning the areas describe above. The Recurring / Maintenance Cleaning is not recommended for Initial Cleans or Move-in/Move-out Cleans.


5 Reasons To Choose Maids of Movher

  1. Trust. We are licensed and bonded, we have nearly a decade of experience in the cleaning industry and the people we send to you to clean your home have not only passed a background check, but they have successfully completed our rigorous training process.
  2. Consistency. We strive to always give you the same cleaning technician for every one of your cleans. This allows for a great relationship to form, where our technicians come to know you, your family, your home and all of its nooks and crannies.
  3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to be happy with our cleaning services – always! We follow up with you within 24 hours of your cleaning and if you aren’t happy, we’ll send a crew out to make it right.
  4. Our People. We hire only the best! Our cleaning technicians take pride in the work they do for you and we pay them a living wage. The benefits are two-fold: our technicians are happy because they’re doing what they love and they get paid well, and you are happy because your home is sparkling clean and you know that same person will be back next time!
  5. The Best Cleaning. Our technicians have been trained in a specific cleaning process that enables them to provide you with the most thorough, most consistent results in cleaning your home each and every time. You can count on it!


Why spend YOUR spare time cleaning? Let Maids of Movher give you the gift of doing the things you WANT to do…spending time with your family, reading a good book, catching up with friends or that oh-so-needed Netflix binge. Call us at 509-954-4777, email us at or complete our online Estimate form and we’ll be in touch with you soon to get your relaxation on and your home sparkling clean!


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