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Movher Crew Hall of Fame: This page is dedicated to the people who have made a lasting impact in Movher history. We would not be here today without them, and for that we are forever grateful.

Movher Crew Hall of Fame

Cody Bartels (see Vaun, twin brother)

Driver & Mover

Cody was one of Movher’s first employees when the company started in 2010, and while he was an undergraduate student at Gonzaga University. He was instrumental in the company’s early success and tolerated an unknown number of moves that lasted much longer than they should have, always with a smile on his face and without one complaint. There was nothing this young man couldn’t do or a problem he couldn’t solve. “No” just simply was not in his vocabulary. Upon graduation from GU, Cody took an engineering job with Kaiser Aluminum. He has since married and still attends Movher summer BBQs or Christmas parties when his schedule allows.

Vaun Bartels (see Cody, twin brother)

Driver & Mover

Vaun, along with his twin Cody, above, started with Movher at the same time. We could not have asked for two better “first” employees. Having two brains bent to engineering and then twins who worked out in the gym more than anyone we knew was the perfect moving machine. We used to say that Vaun was more of the “planner” between the two, while Cody was just ready to pick up the item and “get it moved.” They were the perfect balance. Vaun obtained his degree in mechanical engineering from Gonzaga University and secured a job in Post Falls, Idaho, with a private engineering firm. We see him frequently at our annual get-togethers and is always welcome with open arms.

Tyler Hobbs

Driver & Mover

Tyler was born and raised in Great Falls, Mont., and came to Movher from Gold’s Gym. He was also an astute hockey player and one heck of a weight lifter, the latter of which we are certain he continues to this day. He has since moved back to the Big Sky State, married and now has two children.

John Frise


John grew up in Monterey, Calif., and was introduced to Movher when he was a student at Eastern Washington University. He held the “Sweatiest Movher Award” during his tenure with us and still is one of the hardest-working Movhers we have ever had. He always made sure that everyone was pulling their weight on our crews. Always quick with a joke and his great smile, John lifted everyone’s spirits and made sure the jobs got done right. Today he lives in Colorado, working alongside his brother.

Conor Gabbert

Driver & Mover

Conor grew up in Spokane, graduating from Gonzaga Prep and playing football at the college level. He started working for Movher during his summer and winter breaks and, upon graduating from Pacific Lutheran University, continued with us on a full-time basis as a driver and mover. We’re pretty sure that every customer who was fortunate enough to have Conor on their crew paid their bill because he is, after all, now attending law school in Oregon. 🙂

Steven Taylor

Driver & Mover

We found Steven working behind the deli counter at Five Mile Rosauers with that signature smile on his face and convinced him he’d be better served helping people move their furniture instead of selling them Broccoli Salad. He ended up working for us for more than 4 years and became our primo piano mover. He always had a story to share, a joke to tell and made everyone around him just a little bit happier. He will always be known as the Movher employee who seemed to never cash his paychecks. Today he’s enrolled back in college in Montana and competing on their competitive wrestling team.

David Read

Driver & Mover

David came to Movher when he responded to a Craigslist ad and Sabrina’s initial reaction after seeing his resume was, “Well, this guy might have potential.” Wow. Did he ever. Reliable, dependable, hard-working, smart. So many positive adjectives we could use for David, but essentially he was always there for Movher and willing to go the extra mile. After earning his undergraduate degree in business from EWU, David remained on the Movher team until a better opportunity came his way and we reluctantly let him leave (as if it was ever our choice). David may have been one of the quietest leads we ever had, but his heart of gold and solid work ethic spoke volumes.


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