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Moving in Washington: an Exhaustive Guide To Moving Company Estimates

Moving in Washington: an Exhaustive Guide To Moving Company Estimates

Moving in Washington: an Exhaustive Guide To Moving Company Estimates

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moving companyWhen you receive an estimate from Spokane, Washington moving companies, you’re probably only worried about one thing: the cost. But if you’re moving to or within Washington state, your moving company has to comply with an extremely detailed list of requirements in order to create an estimate.

While most private companies set their own rates, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission details the rates and services that a moving company can offer its clients. The commission also requires moving companies to follow a thorough list of rules regarding what type of information must be disclosed on a company estimate, whether the estimates are binding, and even how much moving companies in Spokane, WA are allowed to charge.

Regardless of whether the estimates are binding or not, they all must contain the following pieces of information:

  1. Basic company info: The carrier’s name, address, phone number, fax, and email if applicable.
  2. Status: Is the estimate binding or nonbinding?
  3. Verification: All customers need to be provided a space to sign or initial to confirm that they were provided the brochure: “Your Guide to Moving in Washington State.”
  4. Basic customer info: The customer’s name, phone number, address, and name of contact person, if other than the customer him or herself.
  5. Shipping info: The origin, destination, and any intermediate stops along the shipment’s route.
  6. Inventory: Each item of the shipment must be listed and estimated in size in order to create the detailed moving estimate.
  7. Details for long distance moves: An estimated total weight of the shipment, as well as the formula used by the shipping company to determine the estimate. The formula cannot be based on a unit less than seven pounds per cubic foot.
  8. Details for local moves: Detail regarding the number of personnel and vehicles used, the number of hours the job will take, and detailed charges for each.
  9. Overtime charges: Are they applicable?
  10. Third party details: Are any third party companies assisting in the move? Details of service and charges must be shown.
  11. Valuation: Details about loss or damage protection and associated charges.
  12. Storage: Storage charges, if applicable.
  13. Packing charges: Any charges associated with packing or container use must be detailed.

While that list might seem exhaustive, it’s only a partial list of the requirements.

If a moving company issues a binding estimate, the estimate must also have a statement saying that the company must guarantee that the estimate is accurate, and that it will not charge more without preparing an additional estimate to supplement it first.

Nonbinding estimates are more nuanced, but must detail the incurring possibilities. These estimates must state:

  1. That the estimate is nonbinding.
  2. That the cost of shipping may exceed the estimate.
  3. If the charges exceed 110% of the estimate, the carrier must allow the customer to pay the charges over a 30-day period following delivery.
  4. Charges may not exceed 125% of the estimate under any circumstance, unless a supplemental estimate is provided and filed. This rule does not apply in cases of late payments or interest rates.

Moving can be stressful, no matter where you’re going or coming from. And every year, about 16.8% of the population has to relocate for some reason or another.

Take some weight off your shoulders with a trusting, high quality moving company. Movher provides free moving estimates to all customers and ensures that your move is as worry-free as possible.

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