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Movher can store your goods for you in our secure warehouse or we can deliver your goods to a storage facility of your choice. Read below about your storage options and find the one that works for you!

1. Customer-Provided Storage

If you rent, lease or provide a storage unit independent of Movher and request that Movher deliver your goods to the customer-provided storage unit, we can do that. Movher’s liability ends at the delivery, with the storage unit becoming the final desination for your goods.

2. Storage-in-Vehicle (SIV)

We can load your belongings onto our truck and keep it on there, locked safe and secure, for up to 15 days (the length of time can be extended, but is done on a case-by-case basis). Typically, we are only able to store goods on our trucks overnight because hey, we’re busy moving people! While in SIV, Movher accepts responsibility for any loss or damage, with reimbursement based on the valuation option you selected on the Bill of Lading. Fee: $137.93 for each 24 hours in SIV.

The next 2 options (Storage-in-Transit and Permanent Storage) are both offered at Movher’s temperature-controlled warehouse, but differ just due to the length of time your goods are stored with us. Read on to learn more!

3. Storage-in-Transit (SIT)

With SIT Storage, you can store your belongings in our warehouse for up to but no more than 90 days, pending further transportation at the end of that time. Costs are based upon the weight of your goods that will be stored. Movher assumes responsibility of your shipment while in SIT. This type of move is considered to be “one continuous move” from the point of origin to SIT to the final destination. Once the shipment is placed into SIT, charges are due from you for: the transportation of your shipment from the origin to our warehouse; the storage charges for the first 30-day period; charges for any additional services such as packing materials, packing or cleaning services, and third-party services; charges for loss and damage protection based on the valuation option chosen; and warehouse handling-in charges which are determined by the UTC. Fee for each 30 days or portion thereof in which your goods remain in storage: $2.35 per 100 pounds. Warehouse handling charge: $2.13 per 100 pounds.

You can remove a portion of your property from SIT if all charges for your shipment have been paid in full or if you and Movher have negotiated payment arrangements.

If you request that Movher deliver a portion of your property from SIT, Movher will charge for such delivery as a separate shipment, with the origin being our warehouse. Once a portion of property has been removed from SIT, the charges assessed on the balance of the SIT period are based on the gross weight of the goods which remain in storage. Charges for transportation furnished, if any, for the delivery of the remainder of the shipment are calculated at hourly rates as long as the destination is 55 miles or less from the warehouse/storage facility and within Washington State.

Adding Property while in SIT
You may add property to your belongings while in SIT. If Movher transports the additional property, appropriate charges will be assessed from origin to warehouse at Movher’s normal moving rate. If the additional property requires any unstacking or restacking of any portion of the existing shipment, you will be assessed the following fees:  stacking/restacking charges of $2.50 per 100 pounds stored, $21.29 per occurence; and a warehouse handling-in or -out fee of $2.13 per 100 pounds stored, and $10.66 per occurence.

You can request at any time to transfer your belongings from SIT to permanent storage by providing written notice to Movher. Once the transfer has occurred, the warehouse is considered the final destination. Within seven days of receiving written notice from you to transfer your belongings into permanent storage, Movher must provide a final bill for all SIT charges due. Monthly storage charges for goods stored will then be assessed.

4. Permanent Storage

We can store your belongings for more than 90 days with the final destination of your move being our warehouse. Movher assumes liability for your goods based upon the level of Valuation Protection you chose on the Bill of Lading. Costs are based upon the weight of your goods that will be stored.  Fee for each 30 days or portion thereof in which your goods remain in storage: $3.25 per 100 pounds. Warehouse handling charge: $3.50 per 100 pounds. Charge to retrieve any item from storage: $1.80/100 pounds. 

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