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If a move is in your future and you’re not sure what your moving company won’t take, here is a helpful list.

Do NOT pack:

• Aerosol cans (regardless of content)
• Flammables (i.e., Sterno, charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, lighters)
• Nail polish and remover
• Fire extinguishers
• Alcohol
• Any type of gas in bottles or tanks (including propane or oxygen)
• Paints, varnishes, solvents, thinners and oils
• Household cleaners (i.e., ammonia, bleach)
• Batteries
• Ammunition
• Fertilizers and pesticides

Common perishables you shouldn’t pack:

• Frozen or refrigerated food
• Produce
• Open food items
• Plants (indoor and outdoor)
• Fresh herbs
• Flowers

What to keep handy (or at least off your moving truck if irreplaceable):

• Important medications
• Stocks, bonds, securities
• Identification documents (i.e., birth certificates, social security card, passport)
• Collections (stamps, coins)
• Insurance policies
• Money
• Jewelry and furs


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