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Have Your Movers Been Trained?

Have Your Movers Been Trained?

Have Your Movers Been Trained?

Don’t get me wrong: moving furniture isn’t like performing brain surgery. But there are definitely techniques out there that are essential for a safe, damage-free move.

Do you know if the movers who will be moving you have been trained in proper moving techniques? Do you know if the movers are actually employees of the company or are they independent contractors, or, day laborers?

It’s not the age – it’s the attitude!

At Movher, all of our movers are our employees (we like to call them “team members”). That means they have successfully completed our interview process, passed a background check, watched the AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) training video, and participated in at least three different moves with some of our other experienced Movhers. If the feedback is positive from our Movher team members, they’re ready to be part of our “real” Movher crews!

While moving appears to be pretty simple, moving WELL is not so easy. A successful move involves properly protecting our customers’ goods as well as their home. If it’s rainy or snowy outside, we may have teams of crews to minimize tracking into the home. Covering furniture with moving pads (also known as blankets) is essential. Protecting walls with cardboard, doorways with blankets and door jamb protectors, floors with neoprene covering. All of these efforts go a long way into making for happy customers.

Movers who have been trained to move properly also will be able to disassemble and reassemble furniture quicker than those who have not been trained. Do you know if your refrigerator doors will need to be removed in order to get it out of your current home? How about any exercise equipment you have? Hiring a moving company with trained employees who care about you having the best moving experience possible cannot be overstated.

AMSA is the national organization for the moving and storage industry. Consumers are encouraged to visit their website at to find moving companies in their geographical area who are also certified as what AMSA refers to as a “ProMover.” (Movher is a certified ProMover.) Remember it’s always good to get 2-3 estimates when you’re planning a move. There is a lot of good information on the website, so be sure to spend a few minutes doing some research!

When a move is in your future, do yourself a favor: Do your research, ask all the questions that pop into your head, and make the best decision for YOU. Because it’s the not so much the age of the mover, it’s the attitude and willingness to always do it right.

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