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Packing & Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking

Packing and Unpacking Services

Moving isn’t only about moving the furniture…who’s going to box up the dishes, the toys, the knick knacks, and (gasp!)…the garage?!

Packing takes a lot of time. And maybe you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Movher provides packing (and unpacking!) services for you. We can pack your entire house or just part of it. You can hire us for an hour or for the entire day. We will help get you through it the best way that works for you! So whether you want a full-house pack or just a one-room pack, Movher will customize it to exactly fit your needs. Please remember that our crews’ travel time is also part of your overall billable time.

What about boxes and other packing supplies? Movher has everything you need. If you choose to do your own packing, you can buy boxes and other supplies, like mattress bags, sofa and chair covers, from us. Call to see if we have any used boxes in stock (which we sell for half-price), too. Click here for a detailed list of all our packing supplies. We also offer free delivery of packing supplies within 15 miles of Spokane. When you buy new boxes from Movher, we offer a Buy-Back Program where we pay you 20% of the purchase price for each box you return (they need to be unpacked and flattened; we cannot take back packing paper, previously used boxes or boxes you did not purchase from us).

When you hire Movher to do the packing for you, we arrive at your home with all of the supplies we need. Many of our customers will designate a room (or a portion of a room) where they keep items they do NOT want us to pack (things like these). Wonder what packers can’t pack and movers can’t move for you? Here is a helpful list. Being prepared makes for a much smoother move!

When a Movher estimator makes an in-person assessment of your home, she can provide you with a packing estimate. The individual costs for moving and packing are broken down on the estimate so it’s easy to see how much of your money is allocated for each service. You choose the option that work best with your budget and needs.

When you think you might need some help (or A LOT of help!) with packing – or unpacking –  let us know and we’ll provide you with an estimate. After all, it’s free until we do the work!

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